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Cancelling this year’s event has many repercussions, one of which means losing most of the festival’s annual operating revenue. Because of that, 2020 ticketholders are being offered three options: they can (1) roll over their tickets for next year’s show (October 6 9, 2021); (2) receive a complete refund; or (3) choose to donate their ticket money to help sustain King Biscuit operations towards its future success. The board is asking those who have purchased tickets to choose one of the options atticketsby Wednesday, August 12, 2020, or the ticket(s) will automatically be rolled over to 2021..

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This is best done utilizing a tripod as you will want the photos to be taken from the exact same position will very minimal movement. You would then take these images and apply them to a photo editing program and overlay the images. This will enhance the shadows and highlights of all the photographs into one final photo achieving what only the naked eye would be able to see of the original scene.

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